Department of Information Technology

This Department started in the year 2008

Goal & Objective
     This course is designed to meet the increasing demand for software professionals both local and worldwide.
     This department aims to provide integration of stake holders of the society through website & inter communication through computers between all types of people of the society.
     To train the students in the areas such as data processing, fast communication and software development.
     To enable the students to work on current technology scenario as well as prepare them to keep pace with the changing face of technology and the requirements of ever growing industry, business and medical field.
     To be able to communicate effectively as communication skills are very important for jobs abroad.
  • Computer Center
  • Hardware Lab
  • Internet Lab
1. Miss.A.Malliga M.C.A. Lecturer
2. Mrs.S.Sathya Priya M.E. Lecturer
3. Miss.M.Nathiya B.E. Lecturer
4. Mrs.S.Dhanalakshmi B.E. Lecturer